We make rich, traditional French mousse cakes from scratch, always using the finest ingredients available.

Many of our cakes are available in an individual size, or in larger sizes for small parties in our Los Gatos, CA Cafe location. Some cakes and larger sizes are Special Order Only

If there is a particular cake you are hoping to enjoy, it is best to order in advance, or call ahead of your visit. 408-354-3574

Please note that, because mousse is very rich, French mousse cake portions/sizes tend to be smaller than American sponge cake portions/sizes. Personalized marzipan plaques with chocolate writing are $5 or $7 depending upon number of letters needed


Individual size 2 ½” $7.50
Small 6”   6-8 servings  $41
Large 7”  10-12 servings $51
15 - 60 serving sizes available via custom order at $5.00 per serving in increments of 5 servings

All cakes are gluten–free except Royal, Croquembouche, and St Honore.  Cakes are produced in a kitchen that uses wheat flour and tree nuts. Not all cakes are available at all times. Please contact us to place an order in advance. info@fleurdecocoa.com

Fleur de Cocoa ind.jpg

Fleur de Cocoa

Dark chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge cake lightly soaked with Grand Marnier

Royal lg1.jpg


Dark chocolate mousse with a crispy hazelnut praline layer and almond sponge cake. Our most popular cake

Red and Black lg1.jpg

Red and Black

 Dark chocolate raspberry mousse with raspberry coulis and chocolate sponge cake



70% dark chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge cake with cacao nibs and almond sponge cake



Passion fruit mousse, dark chocolate mousse, and chocolate sponge cake



Raspberry mousse, ladyfinger sponge cake, and lemon cream



Also known as Napoleon. Made of layers of crispy puff pastry and rum pastry cream


Fifth Avenue

Pistachio mousse, dark chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge cake

concorde 1.jpg


Dark chocolate mousse with layers of meringue and a crisp meringue surround. (special order). Originlly created by famed pastry chef Gaston Lenotre in 1969 to honor the supersonic jet of the same name.



Dark chocolate mousse, caramelized bananas with rum and cinnamon, and dark chocolate sponge cake lightly soaked with Crème de Banane



Ladyfinger sponge cake soaked with strawberry syrup, layered with vanilla Crème Madame and fresh strawberries (seasonal, special order)



Layers of creamy caramel mousse, dark chocolate mousse, almond sponge cake with pecan pieces, and chocolate sponge cake (special order)

Opera cake.jpg


Coffee butter cream, chocolate ganache, and almond sponge cake (special order)  

Fleur de Vanille Ind.jpg

Fleur de Vanille

Tahitian vanilla bean mousse with dark chocolate sponge cake

Monte Sereno.jpg

Monte Sereno

Dark chocolate mousse with layers of meringue with a dark chocolate wrapping. (special order)  

St Honore.jpg

St Honore

Puff pastry, vanilla bean Chantilly cream, vanilla pastry cream, and caramelized cream puffs (special order)



A Marion blackberry dark chocolate mousse dome with dark chocolate sponge cake.