Our Chocolates


Chocolatier Julia Anderson creates our artisanal chocolates with the freshest and finest ingredients without any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Because our chocolates are made in small batches, availability of flavors can vary from week to week.

Our chocolates include the following:

  • Bisou - Dark and milk chocolate ganache with VSOP Cognac

  • Breton - Dark chocolate shell with a soft caramel with fleur de sel sea salt from Brittany

  • Céleste - Milk chocolate ganache with ginger

  • Dream - Banana caramel in a dark chocolate shell

  • Earl Grey -  Milk chocolate ganache infused with Earl Grey tea

  • Espresso - Dark chocolate espresso bean ganache inside a milk chocolate shell

  • Fifth Avenue - Pistachio and cinnamon white chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell

  • Fleur de Cocoa -  Our signature extra-dark chocolate ganache

  • Fleur de Vanille - Tahitian vanilla bean caramel in a dark chocolate shell

  • Ilona - Cinnamon-hazelnut praline dark chocolate

  • Julia - Milk chocolate ganache with pink peppercorn

  • Orange Caramel - Milk chocolate orange caramel

  • Palerme - Hazelnut praline in a milk chocolate shell

  • Pear Caramel - Milk chocolate with Poire William (pear) liqueur

  • Red and Black - Dark chocolate-raspberry ganache with Chambord liqueur

  • Royal - Crispy hazelnut praline enrobed in dark chocolate

  • Salango - Extra dark chocolate ganache with our own single origin Salango 70% chocolate

  • Whiskey Truffle - Dark chocolate truffle with Jameson whiskey


At the shop, chocolates are sold by the piece or packaged in an assortment of beautiful boxes. We will ship via UPS or Federal Express, except during our hot summer months.


To best maintain their delicate flavors, the chocolates should be stored in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator. Bring to room temperature before tasting.