Croquembouche, or croque en bouche, literally 'crunch in the mouth', was created in the practice of pièce montée and is now typically served at weddings. The croquembouche has survived as a conical spire of caramelized, filled choux, or cream puffs, bound together with caramel, and decorated.

Our croquembouche is hand-crafted. Please contact us well in advance of your event to make certain it fits within our kitchen schedule. 


Our croquembouche may be ordered from sizes of 45 pieces to 225 pieces. We recommend 2-3 pieces (choux)  per serving. The smallest croquembouche is approximately 9 inches in height, and the largest is approximately 24 inches in height.


Choice of vanilla, chocolate, vanilla-rum, coffee, caramel, praline, Grand Marnier, Cointreau or some other alcohol flavoring. One flavor choice for 45-90 pieces, two flavors for 90 or more pieces.

Details and Pricing

One flavor choice for 45-89 pieces, two flavors for 90 or more pieces. No pickup before 11 am, and cake cannot sit out for more than 2-3 hours or in humidity. $2.75 per piece. For example, a 45 piece croquembouche is priced at $123.75.

Special order only. Tastings are available by appointment for $15. Please fill out the form below to contact us, or email at to set up an appointment.

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